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February 27, 2013
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Empireo - Josie Tanager by vectorsmash Empireo - Josie Tanager by vectorsmash
:iconsaysplz:Please go away.

Name: Josiah "Josie" Tanager
Identity: Agent Martyr
Birthdate: April 4th
Sponsor: N/A
Stats: Strength: 6 | Talent: 10 | Vitality: 5 | Spd: 14 | Luck: 15
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5' 8" / 125 lb
Superpower: Wound Transferal & Immortality*
In order to transfer wounds, Josie must be directly in contact with the wounded, but not necessarily in contact with the injury itself. Wounds can only be transferred between the same species, and cellular damage is what is transferred. For example, if he is taking away an acid burn, his cells would then contort to "take away" the damage. The actual acid itself is not transferred over. Likewise, blood loss cannot be reversed.
He's not actually quite sure how his immortality works, but it seems that he does heal at a faster rate shortly after being revived.

Armor/Weapon: Favors a Shock Rod, but he also carries what appears to be a Beretta 92 on his shoulder holster...
Registration Number: #567424
Occupation: Spectrum Agent
Place of Residence:
Josie is currently living in a studio apartment on the Lower Plate. He is currently trying to silently convince his superior for a pay raise so that he can afford to live on the Upper Plate, because he physically cannot stand all of the smog and air pollution at his first flat. Despite the air being cleaner in his current housing, he cannot sleep properly thanks to the sounds of the highway...

Josie is a man that lives through disappointment. Constantly irritated by himself as well as his surroundings, Josie is both cynical and a pessimist. Wholly unimpressed by the world around him, he meets his work with a quiet eagerness in order to distract himself from other stress factors. A finished job with a good response from his superiors is what satisfies him, so Josie does his best to complete his work on time and to the best quality. He is highly embarrassed by the uselessness of his superpowers as well as his slight frame, and is rather sensitive about those topics. Despite thinking that he doesn't want to stand out, he does appreciate attention as well as affection, leading to him acting rather confused by acts of kindness.

Despite logically thinking that he doesn't trust the people around him, he will more often than not find himself trusting and hoping that he can rely on his peers. He takes betrayals (no matter how small) very hard, while externally acting as though it was to be expected.

He secretly admires Heroes with their gaudy costumes and impressive abilities, but he would never admit to it.

Josie Tanager moved to New Chicago when he was still an infant, thanks to his reporter father that wanted to write about the happenings of the unique city. As he grew older, his sickly and fragile nature led to him being bullied at school, and one unpleasant day he 'fell' off of some bleachers and broke his arm. However, the next day he caused quite a stir by shoving his antagonist, and 'transferring' his broken bone's status over to the bully. Josie's arm was instantly whole once more, while his nemesis's radius was cracked. Despite being rather enthralled with his ability at first, the young Tanager was immediately disappointed when he realized his ability's shortcomings. He would have to be hurt himself in order to get revenge on other people, while likewise, he couldn't actually speed up the healing process. Unimpressed and unamused, he went through the rest of his academic life in a bitter daze, thinking that he would have been better off not having any superpowers at all over his stress-inducing abilities.

A certain incident involving a car and several drunken individuals led him discovering his second ability during his freshman year in college. Ruptured organs and cracked bones stated that he should have died in the accident, but he woke up three weeks later in the hospital. Once more, his joy at being alive was immediately smashed down as he realized that he still felt pain- and that he wasn't immediately at 100% as well. Feeling as though his life was becoming one giant joke, he bitterly and whimsically applied for an internship at Hero TV upon being released from the hospital. Much to his surprise, he was offered a job at Spectrum Agency a few months later thanks to his wit and ... abilities.

He has since spent the past few years going back and forth from one Agency's building to the other, presenting new technology while gleaning information about the city from the Hero TV headquarters.

+ Was always a good student.
+ Used to lash out at his stepmother until he accidentally hurt her when he was 12. He immediately stole away her injury while apologizing through his tears. He now gets along with her better than his father.
+ Has an extremely hard time getting a good night's rest, and it shows around his eyes. It's not uncommon to see him passed out against the wall or in a chair during the day.
+ Secretly very afraid of his 'immortality'. What happens when his body decays away....?
+ Used to work as an assistant in Hero TV, so he's very familiar with the building.
+ He hates his nickname. As well as his Agent name. Unfortunately, he's already being used to being called "Josie", so.... :iconmingplz:

THANK YOU ALEX :iconpapmingplz:
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raven please
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